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Live Visuals

SAH - [d]espacio series

Video 11' 51"
Music by Ángel Arranz

SAH is the third video of the acoustic series [d]espacio, with music by Ángel Arranz and inspired in Bodegas Ysios winery by the architect Santiago Calatrava. The video replicates the visual structure of the winery´s façade, and has 3 straightforward, clearly differentiated parts. In this case, music and video evolve in a separate way, and the structure of one does not influence the structure of the other. In the style of ancient Egyptian architecture, the video uses straight lines exclusively, which combine in whimsical patterns. The colors remind of the desert landscapes of Egypt, of the white garments of the gods represented in the tombs´ mural paintings, of their extraordinary treasures, and naturally, of the red and rosť hues of wine: a beverage whose elaboration, as the legend goes, Osiris taught to mankind.

On light and space - [d]espacio series

Video 13' 46''
Music by Ángel Arranz

De la luz y del espacio is the fourth and last piece of the series entitled [d]espacio, composed by Ángel Arranz and visualized by Beatriz del Saz, inspired on four different avant-garde buildings in Spain. De la luz y del espacio is based on Bodegas Qumrán, a work by the architecture studio Konkrit Blu from Barcelona.

The piece takes as a model the resonances of the real spaces, recorded by the composer self.
To this end, a glass of wine was used as a resonator by introducing inside a small microphone. This noise-silence captured by using naturally amplified resonators was taken as a metaphor of light translated to sound. So do video animations. These are based on the real 3D model of the winery. Few colors were used in order to enhance the quality of shapes, while the duality between light and space is represented with the colors black and white.

The video was created in close collaboration with the composer, and this made possible a special synergy with the musical discourse.

Extrusion - [d]espacio series

Video 9' 24''
Music by Ángel Arranz

Extrusion is a video created in close collaboration with the composer of the music, Angel Arranz. The term 'Extrusion' means:

1. The act or process of pushing or thrusting out.
2. The act or process of shaping by forcing through a die.
3. An object or material produced by extruding.

Usually this term is associated to plastics, and in this sense the video depicts a fluid, flexible process of transformation in several stages. It describes the transit from a dramatic, colliding and artificial sort of transformation, such as that occuring in industrial environments, to a more natural, "accepted" change, similar to the ones happening in nature, most of the time with unpredictable results.

The video is created by using OpenGL environments and JavaScript scripting.

Between the East and the West (2011)

Live video improvisation

DK <qumran> is a series of multidisciplinar pieces consisting of three electronic pieces with acoustic instruments composed by Ángel Arranz, and the participation of the visual artist Beatriz del Saz.

More info and concert data on TheDK<projection> blog

Tallereando [work in progress 2011]
Video installation (45')

Tallereando is a multidisciplinary exhibition which integrates a series of photographies by José Luis Rodríguez Posadas, a sound composition by the composer Ángel Arranz and a video installation with abstract 3D images by myself.

The video tries to recreate the dynamism and aural ambiances produced by the old tools portrayed in the photographies.

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